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This project packages several third party open source libraries as plugins for the Eclipse Platform. These packages can be used to build Eclipse plugins that depend on these third party libraries. This reduces the packaging work for plugin developers and avoids multiple library installation. I encourage everyone to propose needed third-party libraries, or even better, join this project and help build a central plugin repository for third-party open source libraries. Please contact either Christopher Stehno or Michael Forster if you would like to contribute. Also, please drop us a note if you use our plugins.

This project is undergoing a rebirth after being static for the past couple years. We will be updating all of the currently supported plugins and doing some repackaging. For now, the SourceForge Project is still the best place to find up-to-date information. You will be able to tell the new stuff from the old by the release dates.

This site will also be getting a face-lift soon... so stay tuned!



There are a number of library plugins available and there are always more on the way.

If we don't have the one you want, email me and I will build it.

Plugin Types

You will notice three types of plugins for each library: the base plugin, Help and Source. The base plugin is the library binary file(s), the Help plugin is the library documentation, and the Source plugin is the source code for the library. If all you need is the functionality, the main plugin is all you need.

Version Numbers

The version number of each plugin name is based on the version of the enclosed library. One "version point" is added to those specified by the library itself. For example, the Jakarta Commons Lang API supported is version 2.1, so the plugin is version 2.1.0. Should we need to modify the code and redeploy the plugin, the new version would be 2.1.1. This way it is always easy to tell the version of both the library and the plugin.

Update Site

I have deprecated the update site and features for now. I will be creating features for all plugins and providing an update site once they are ready.

How do I...

... Install these plugins?

Installing these plugins is very simple. The following steps are all you need:

  1. Download the desired plugin(s) - they are self-contained jar files.
  2. Copy the jar file(s) into the "plugins" directory of your eclipse installation.
  3. Restart Eclipse.

... Uninstall these plugins?

If you need to uninstall one of these plugins all you need to do is remove the jar file from your Eclipse plugins directory and restart Eclipse.

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